Trump vs. Clinton: A Coin Toss With No Heads

I spent a lot of this day-after reading  Clinton vs. Trump election post mortems. Commentators dismissing millions of voters as ignorant and stupid. This is too many people in too many states to wave them away so simply.

 Our politics delivered the two worst simultaneous candidates in my lifetime. Years ago Bob Dole was awful, and Mike Dukakis was awful, but they didn’t come together. 2016 was Hobson’s choice and one was elected by a tiny sliver, even as the other could have been. I’m NeverTrump but the election did not offer me a real alternative, just another flavor of unsatisfactory. 

There’s a core of genuine supporters for both, but also enough people like me who support neither (but chose one) to move the election either way. It was a coin toss with no Heads.

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